Best Decision I Ever Made (And Still Making)

Neograft Before and After

Physician: Keith Jeffords, MD
Smyrna, Georgia

NeoGraft Review by: johnmccabe
11 months post-op

I attempted to post a review earlier which didn’t post, so I will try again. I am now 53 years old…

I attempted to post a review earlier which didn’t post, so I will try again. I am now 53 years old and had been cursed with a high forehead. During my teen years I could always hide it with long hair (unless the wind blew the wrong way).

In my 40’s, I always had the edge to have a graft procedure, however the only person I knew had the old “plug method” which looked like a Barbie doll head. Then the mini and micro grafts come out (strip method) which I first did in 2008 (in S. Florida). During the procedure, the room looked like a homicide scene. A large unsightly scar was left in the back of my head.

I moved to Georgia in 2010 and found Dr. Jeffords. I learned of the NeoGraft (FUE) procedure, which I am now scheduled for my 4 appointment. This procedure is pretty painless (except for the initial anesthesia, which is minor). The results have been unbelievable. My hairline has been lowered 3 inches and is virtually undetectable. All my friends that are losing their hair tell me if they had the extra money they would go to Dr. Jeffords ( because of the visible results).

The NeoGraft method leaves no scaring and is nearly undetectable after 10 days. This is the best decision I have made to give me a full head of hair. Dr. Jeffords and his staff are the only people I would use. I even referred my mother to him for her mini facelift procedure (with great results as well). Ask to see my before and after photos – if that doesn’t sell you – nothing will (John McCabe). The staff member who assist or preform the procedure are excellent, with skills of any doctor.

Dr. Jeffords has excellent bedside, professional skills which is why I use him and his staff time and time again. The only reason I have had repeat visits is because I had 3″ of forehead hair replaced.  Great job — by great people!!!


NeoGraft Review

Taken in 2009 before NeoGraft procedure

NeoGraft Reviews

Taken 2009 before NeoGraft procedure

Neograft Before and After

Taken 2015, 11 months post NeoGraft procedure