Job Description:

NeoGrafters is a service provided to our physicians following the purchase of a NeoGraft device. NeoGrafters are a group of independently contracted medical professionals who are responsible for assisting the physician during a NeoGraft hair restoration procedure in their practice. Working under the direct supervision of the practicing physician, NeoGrafters are responsible for extracting and implanting the hair follicles utilizing the NeoGraft device, preparing the follicles prior to implantation, consulting on patient assessment and hairline design and well as care and maintenance of the NeoGraft device following the procedure.

Job description:

You will learn how to analyze market potential down to the zip code. You will learn how to interpret and leverage geographic purchase data. You will cross reference with variables like household income and net worth to identify the right neighborhoods, zip codes, and highways to advertise to. You will learn how to collaborate with our national media company to target these neighborhoods. You will learn how to benchmark, track, and measure success. You will create presentations with Sales to pitch these capabilities to doctors all over the country. By the end of this internship, you will learn that “so-called-marketers” that don’t get granular with data, attribution, and cost per lead are unable demonstrate marketing’s value to the company. Thus, by the end of this internship your demonstrable value to any company with be undeniable.

Job description:

You will learn how to write compelling content that search engines use to answer peoples’ questions about NeoGraft® and hair loss. You will focus your intellectual curiosity on NeoGraft® and how to best communicate our products and services to the Internet. You will learn and leverage a range of SEO tools. You will avoid problems like keyword stuffing and duplicate content. You will loathe passive voice. You will become an expert on NeoGraft®, our patients, and our doctors. You will relish the opportunity to write Image Titles, Alt Tags, and captions, because that means your article has images, and you know the SEO value of images. You will apply what you learn to Google Adwords and Google Shopping campaigns. You will learn how to create direct response campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You will be greedy and specific with your word choice. Because if you are still reading, you understand the difference between being a good writer and a great SEO writer. If that isn’t enough work for you, you will contribute to social media content and other advertising campaigns.