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Hair and Your Diet, Maintaining Healthy Hair

Author: Benjamin C. Stong, M.D. A healthy diet helps maintain a healthy body: organs, blood, bones, skin, and even your hair! That last one might surprise you! After all, hair is essentially dead proteins, right? But in the follicle, your hair is actually very much alive and well – and each hair follicle needs the correct…

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Learn Why Dr. Quereshy Took the Leap with NeoGraft

Dr. Faisal Quereshy

Author: Faisal Quereshy, MD Did you know that hair loss affects an estimated 50 million men and 30 million women in the US? With many of my Cleveland area patients included in this number, I’ve looked for an effective solution. Well, guess what — I’ve found it! Visage Surgical Institute is excited to announce that we offer NeoGraft,…

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Losing Hair In Your Early 30’s? What factors contributes to this?

Author: Tyler Angelos, MD, FACS  There are multiple factors that contribute to hair loss in your 30’s. These include hormones, thyroid levels, nutrition, smoking, stress, and of course, genetics. Most people who are experiencing hair loss in their 30’s have a genetic component that is leading to the loss. In men, this genetic predisposition often…

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Natural Hair Loss Solutions

Author: Tyler Angelos, MD, FACS  Hair loss is determined by many factors such as age, hormones, genetics, stress, nutrition, and your overall health. Although we are all subject to our genetics, there are certain natural hair loss tips we can all use to minimize hair loss and maintain a healthy head of hair. Maintaining Healthy…

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Should I be expecting hair loss at my age?

Dr Movassaghi

Should I Be Expecting Hair Loss at My Age? Author: Movassaghi Plastic Surgery We tend to associate losing our hair with getting older. And it is true, hair loss is much more common in individuals over 50. As much as 80% of men and 50% of women in this age group experience hair loss, according to…

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How much hair loss is normal?

Author: Movassaghi Plastic Surgery How much hair we pull out of the shower drain each day is hardly a topic to bring up in polite conversation. Yet many of us lose so many strands while shampooing, combing or styling, that we wonder if we are shedding a normal amount of hair, or if there is something…

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How To Know If You Are A Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

Author: Sachin Parikh, MD Can I Get A Hair Transplant? Chances are, if you’re considering a hair transplant, you’ve probably experienced some of the devastating effects – a loss of confidence, being treated unfairly because of the way you look or simply not feeling like yourself – that hair loss can have on a person.  If…

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How To Stop Thinning Hair Non-Surgically

Author: Sachin Parikh, MD As we age and experience hormonal shifts, hair thinning happens to almost everyone.  It’s often unnoticeable at first, but gradually hair around the temples or crown begins to fall out. Sometimes the center part gets wider and wider or hair all over begins to shed leaving lush locks suddenly thin and brittle.…

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How To Wash Your Hair

Author: Angela Sturm, MD, FACS How simple, right?  How to wash your hair seems like one of those things you learn as a young child and shouldn’t have to think about.  Guess not!  How you wash your hair makes a difference on how it looks and how strong it is. Our last blog discussed how often to wash…

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