Jake the Snake Roberts Body Slams Baldness

Body Slam Baldness An Interview with Wrestling Legend Jake The Snake Roberts About his NeoGraft® Hair Transplant QUESTION: Back in your World Wrestling heyday, who had the best hair between you, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Ravishing Rick Rude, or Mr. Perfect? ANSWER: No doubt, I did.  I don’t know how Shawn Michaels is an option,…

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A Patient’s NeoGraft Hair Restoration Journey With Dr. Monte Slater at Buckhead Hair Restoration

A  29 year old patient opted for NeoGraft Hair Restoration with the Team at Buckhead Hair Restoration because, Certified NeoGraft Provider,  Dr. Monte Slater educated him and explained the procedure in depth, as well as what to expect. He realized it was important to allow Buckhead Hair Restoration  to document his Journey to share with others that are considering this…

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Sportscaster and DermIndy NeoGraft Patient, Greg Rakestraw’s Journey to Love his Hair—Follow his Journey!

At the Dermatology Center of Indiana we are hugely excited to share the personal journey of our NeoGraft patient Greg Rakestraw with you. Greg is on the journey to love his hair, and he’s enthusiastic about chronicling his NeoGraft experience so that others may learn the patient-perspective through him. Greg Rakestraw is no stranger to the limelight. A…

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