Great NeoGraft Experience, Doctor, and Procedure!

Physician: Keith Jeffords, MD
Atlanta, Georgia

NeoGraft Patient: Dave_D |
800 grafts, 1 Year post-op

I had a great experience receiving a NeoGraft hair transplant using Dr. Keith Jeffords…

I had a great experience receiving a NeoGraft hair transplant using Dr. Keith Jeffords. I chose NeoGraft because I read great reviews, I did not want a surgical scar in the back of my head, and did not want to go under anesthesia. I had several calls with Dr. Jeffords beforehand. He walked me through the procedure, showed me pictures, and answered any questions. I never felt rushed. On the day of the procedure, Dr. Jeffords took pictures and marked on my head where the transplants will go. I was given a quick haircut and local anesthesia so the NeoGraft machine could remove the hair bulbs to be transplanted (I did 800 grafts).

There was minimal pain. This part of the procedure lasted about 1-1.5 hours. We then took a break for lunch. Dr. Jeffords ordered lunch to his office. We had lunch and talked, I never felt out of it. After the break we began the second half of the procedure, transplanting the grafts. I received local anesthesia where the grafts were to be placed. I like to describe this as planting the hair bulbs. I had the grafts transplanted to the temple regions of my head to blend in my receding hair line. The technician made little cuts and planted the grafts. This was probably the most painful part of the procedure, but was definitely tolerable.

I watched a movie the whole time it took place. After another 1-2 hours I was done. A bandage was wrapped around my head like a headband and I took some painkillers. I took it easy for the rest of the day, but even when out to dinner. I didn’t think my head looked that embarrassing. Afterward,s I just sat on the couch the rest of the night. Two days later I went back to work on a Monday.

I got a haircut to shape up the one I got at the office. It was kind of a short, high top fade. Not my style but I figured it would grow out soon. The rash where they took out the grafts on the back of my head was barely noticeable. No one at work really knew I got the procedure. They noticed my new haircut more than anything.

I followed Dr. Jefford’s directions making sure to not touch or itch the newly transplanted areas. It did itch a little from time to time, but I resisted any touching so the new hair wouldn’t fall out. I also didn’t work out for three weeks. I like to run and lift weights, but was told this could cause the hair to fall out so I resisted. I would definitely recommend NeoGraft and Dr. Jeffords! The hair has grown in and it doesn’t look like I ever had a receding hair line.