Her Journey

This is a real patient testimonial who has requested to remain anonymous. This is her personal hair loss journey.

Female Patient, 58 years old | 1200 Grafts

Physician: J. Kevin Duplechain MD FACS Lafayette, Louisiana

Hair loss is different for everyone. It’s medical. It’s emotional. It’s a tangled web of feelings about attractiveness, health concerns, professional aspirations, and it’s all magnified by our increasingly image-obsessed culture. This story is part of our mission collect a range of stories covering patients’ motivations, their procedures, their fears, their recoveries— everything. Because when all those stories come together, they take hair loss from something people whisper about to an open honest conversation about a medical condition that happens to every gender, creed, and color.


How old were you when you first started noticing your hair thinning?

Answer: "I was in my early 20's when my hair started thinning and progressively has gotten worse post menopause."

Did you have support during your hair loss journey?

Answer: "Yes."

Can you talk about how your hair effected your emotions and day to day life?

Answer: "Through the years it just kept getting more difficult and frustrating in styling my hair, trying to cover my scalp."

Where did you seek help for your hair loss?

Answer:  "I have tried taking vitamins, using a laser comb a couple of times during the week and hair thinning products."

Were you able to find answers as to why you were losing your hair?

Answer: "Talking to different doctors over the years to see is there was a medical cause for the thinning and the conclusion has been heredity."

How did you learn about NeoGraft?

Answer: "My husband heard an advertisement about NeoGraft on a radio advertisement.  We researched the procedure seeing it wasn't an invasive procedure, very little recovery time and a high percentage of a success rate."

Can you talk about the day of your NeoGraft procedure? How long it took, how you felt pre, during and post procedure?

Answer: "My husband and I arrived early for the procedure and it was explained to us again what was going to happen for the day.  We were advised it should have taken most of the morning but before noon the technicians were finished.  I had about 1200 grafts and there was very little discomfort for the procedure.  I did have a little setback about two weeks after the grafting.  A good section of my hair fell out in the graft area. Apparently, my scalp went into shock from the grafting.  I was ashored by my physician it would grow back but we decided to try the PRP shots to help jump start my scalp into healing.  After monthly shots for 6 months, we have success."

Please explain your results since your NeoGraft procedure.

Answer: "My hair is much thicker in the graft area."

Are you happy with the outcome of where you are today?

Answer: "I am happy with the results."

What would you say to other women suffering from hair loss if you had the chance.

Answer: "It is worth doing NeoGraft, normally you have very little down time and good results."

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