Restoring your hair with a NeoGraft procedure offers many advantages: no linear scar, fast recovery, and minimally invasive. The NeoGraft procedure allows you to recreate a full and natural-looking hairline using your own hair.

Step 1

Extraction of
Hair Follicles

Extraction or harvesting is removal of the follicular units (hair) from the donor region (the area in the back of your head between your ears, below your crown, above the nape of your neck), as this hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone.  The NeoGraft device cores each individual follicular unit and then gently removes it with simultaneous suction.

Step 2

Counting, Trimming and Sorting of Grafts

After the follicular units are extracted, they are carefully separated by size.  The average follicular unit contains anywhere from 1-3 hairs.  It is imperative to separate single hair units from multiple hair units in order to create a natural appearing result.

Step 3

Recipient Site

Recipient sites are created in the desired areas of balding or thinning, utilizing the proper depth and angulation to ensure graft viability, as these will be the new homes of the extracted grafts.  The hair transplant surgeon will work with you to design a gender and age appropriate hairline that is specific to you.

Step 4

Placement Of The
Hair Grafts

Each individual follicular unit is then implanted into each of the recipient sites in order to achieve the desired outcome.  Proper depth and angulation are critical to ensure maximum graft take rate in order to deliver a natural appearing result, as hair grows in different angles depending on the site of the scalp.

5 Reasons To Choose NeoGraft

Natural Looking

Minimally Invasive

No Visible Scar

Fast Recovery

Highest Rated Hair
Transplant in the Industry

RealSelf Testimonials

"The NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure is far superior than the traditional procedure in terms of comfort after the transplants and the healing process."

"A year later and my confidence has been significantly restored. I feel much better about myself and would highly recommend [NeoGraft] to anyone suffering from hair loss."

"It was a surprisingly easy surgery for me, if I had known; I would have done it much sooner. I had my surgery 9 days before my son's wedding and nobody suspected what I had done."

"There is no pain during the procedure and mild to no pain after the procedure is complete. I was able to coach my daughters softball game the next day."