How Much Does A NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost?

With all the hair restoration options available, the wise question to ask is how much should a good hair transplant cost? Just like when you are shopping for a car, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. This page provides the information necessary to make an educated decision regarding the cost of a hair transplant that leaves no visible scar. 

COST PER GRAFT: The cost per graft varies by market, type of hair loss, and type of hair, but ranges from $5 to $9 per graft.
NUMBER OF GRAFTS: Different types of hair loss require a different number of grafts. Multiply cost per graft by the number of grafts, and you'll have a ballpark cost for the entire transplant.
Individual Variables: Factors like head size, prior procedures, medical history, and hair density influence the costs. But these can only be addressed during a consultation with a NeoGraft certified doctor.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost Charts:

Expand the charts below to see estimates for how many grafts are recommended for each type hair loss.*

*Do not use these charts as a diagnostic tool, they are estimates to help guide your research. Only a NeoGraft certified doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis.

NeoGraft FAQ 

What is the lowest cost of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

Based on national averages, the lower end cost of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant is $3,500.00

What is the average cost of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

Based on national averages, the average cost of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant is $9,250

What is the maximum cost of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

Based on national averages, the higher end of NeoGraft Hair Transplant costs $15,000

How do I find a NeoGraft physician in my area?

To learn more about the many advantages of NeoGraft, schedule a consultation with a qualified physician by hitting the find a doctor button below.

How many NeoGraft hair transplant sessions will I need?

Hair restoration is a lifetime commitment that involves medication, the right products, and sometimes multiple hair transplants. Most patients with moderate hair loss only need one session. Severe hair loss can require multiple sessions. The first procedure establishes the hairline, the second procedure develops thickness.

Should I trust the doctors that offer $2 per graft?

When negotiating the cost of your hair transplant, be careful what you bargain for. NeoGraft certified doctors are advised to transplant for no less than $5 per graft. If a doctor advertises less, research that doctor, study their patients' before and after pictures, and ask for references. If you have any doubt, you can count on us to recommend NeoGraft certified physicians.

Should I trust doctors that offer 4,000 graft mega sessions?

The simple answer is no. Be skeptical of anyone advertising more than 2,500 grafts or anything called a mega session. It’s not feasible for most patients. A “good” donor area maxes out between 2,000 - 2,500 per session.  Only in rare situations should a transplant exceed 2,500 grafts per session, and that patient should get multiple opinions. Why? Just like how you should not plant flower bulbs too close together, hair follicles need enough blood supply for them to survive a transplant. So if a doctor tries to implant 4,000 follicles in one session, a significant number of follicles may die, thereby wasting many donor follicles.  We call this "follicular survivability." Put simply, the best deal is not how much each follicle costs. The best value is how much each surviving follicle costs, and mega sessions decrease follicular survivability. Thus mega sessions are a bad value for the patient.  Also, it is worth noting that harvesting more than 2,500 follicles from the donor site in one session increases the chances of shock loss from the donor site; which never makes a satisfied patient.

If you have any more questions, the best person to ask is a NeoGraft certified doctor.