NeoGraft Review: Amazing Experience

Physician: San Diego, California

NeoGraft Review by: JohnGuns
2 weeks post-op

I have been looking into hair transplants for several years and found comfort in Dr. Kearney’s office.

Real Self Review

When meeting with Dr. Kearney and his nurse practitioner, Shannon, it was obvious that they were very knowledgeable about hair transplants and the NeoGraft Technology. They made me feel very comfortable and were extremely personable. Dr. Kearney took a lot of time to explain the process of NeoGraft hair transplant procedure. His office staff was also very warm and welcoming. I traveled from Northern California to have the surgery, so Katie helped me with hotel recommendations. Dr. Kearney’s nurse practitioner, Shannon, greeted me the morning of surgery and she was with me the entire day.

The surgery staff was very considerate and made sure I was comfortable for the entire procedure. I was slightly medicated, but awake for the surgery and I was even able to have lunch and watch my iPad movies for the last part of the day. I felt no pain other than the numbing injections. It was surprising an easy surgery for me, if I had known; I would have done it much sooner. I had my surgery 9 days before my son’s wedding and nobody suspected what I had done.

I chose to shave my entire head the morning of, so that it wouldn’t look too obvious. I only had 3 days off from work and didn’t want anyone to know what I had done. At my son’s wedding, my family just thought I had a buzz haircut. My hair shed about 3 weeks after the surgery; I’m now several months out and my hair is growing in nicely. I am thrilled and cannot wait to have my full results. It looks so natural and  I can hardly believe it. Dr. Kearney has explained to me that the full results take about 8-12 months and I cannot wait!

I highly recommend Dr. Kearney and his staff – they were all amazing!

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2 weeks Post-Op












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