Making ‘Head Lines’ One Follicle at a Time

Author: Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS

How does follicular unit extraction work?

To revitalize a receding hairline, the NeoGraft® process includes taking healthy follicles that are more resistant to the hereditary cause of pattern baldness and transplants them to where they are needed most. The system is especially effective because it selects singular follicular units in the donor area while still relying on the talent and artful eye of our technicians handling the treatment.

The “one follicle at a time” approach is truly what sets it apart from previous methods, since collection for follicular unit transplantation—the previous go-to method—required a long, horizontal strip of tissue to be cut out of the back of the scalp. This tissue then had to be divided up in order for follicular grafts to be collected and processed. While the method worked, it left a telltale linear scar that required time to heal and created the possibility of excision-related complications.

Follicular unit extraction via NeoGraft® eliminates the linear scarring by taken with a specialized method that removes only the follicle and a small amount of tissue around it. The collection is scattered throughout the donor area, so while each extraction leaves only a tiny red circle, these marks heal quickly within one week and are not obvious to the eye after healing.

How are the follicles placed?

A noticeable pattern is very important for the second stage of the process, which involves inserting the hairs into the bare areas of the scalp after the follicles are dissected. The technician works with literally thousands upon thousands of individual hairs, positioning each one with care so that the overall effect mimics organic growth. The end goal is a natural-looking hairline, with hairs falling at appropriate angles no matter where they are transplanted.

Obviously, the entire process is driven by meticulous focus and a commitment to paying attention to details. Every person’s head of hair is unique, so there is no way to create a “cookie cutter” or assembly line approach and expect a good result. The best looks are achieved with hard work and a talented hand, one follicle at a time.

The team at the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is driven by a desire to craft individualized results that reflect each patient’s personal look and style. By working with individual follicles, the new hairline and filled-in bald patches should be indistinguishable from a naturally grown head of hair that never encountered any loss.

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