How the Simplicity of NeoGraft® Brings Dramatic Results

How the Simplicity of NeoGraft® Brings Dramatic Results

Author: Faisal Quereshy, MD

“Simple” and “dramatic” are not two words you often associate with each other. However, when referring to NeoGraft’s method of hair transplantation, it’s hard to think of two words more suited to describe it. In fact, NeoGraft has helped so many men who have come to Dr. Quereshy’s practice discover self-confidence through dramatic hair-restoring results. The secret is using the patient’s own hair! Transplanting your own hair not only helps the transplanted hair grow and feel more natural, but it also makes the process very simple. Don’t believe us? Check out the amazing simplicity of NeoGraft and how this unique process helps bring subtle, yet dramatic results.

One Day Solution for Hair Loss and Pattern Baldness

We cannot even begin to tell you how many of our clients are blown away by the fact that NeoGraft does not require multiple sessions to get exciting results. With NeoGraft, you only need one day for your procedure and you’re done! Sound simple enough? The reason why Neograft only requires one day is that during your NeoGraft procedure, Dr. Quereshy will be transplanting your own hair to the thinned out areas of your scalp. Once your hair is successfully transplanted, that hair will grow just as it did before!

No routine touch-ups or multiple sessions to get it right. This aspect is a winning component for many of our clients with busy lifestyles.

Not Your Average “Surgical Procedure”


What we mean is that there are no sutures or staples with NeoGraft and the entire procedure can be done under local anesthesia. This is a huge relief to many knowing that they won’t have to “go under” to have the full head of hair they want, or worry about inconvenient staples afterward.

Minimal Downtime

We know that you may be concerned about what your recovery will look like. NeoGraft even makes recovery look simple. We find that within a couple days, our clients are back to their regular daily activities. And within a week and a half, their new hair has already begun growing and is completely secure—as their own natural hair should be.

A Lifetime of Products vs. Lifetime of Real Hair

We know there are so many products, vitamins, pills, and other methods to help fight thinning hair out there. However, those products are temporary and require you to continue using them over and over to see results. NeoGraft, on the other hand, doesn’t work that way at all. With one visit, you can have a real head of hair that is naturally your own. When deciding between a lifetime of keeping up with pricey products and a lifetime of real hair, we think the choice is pretty easy.

Simple, Yet Dramatic

NeoGraft is designed for the person who has tried everything over the years, with no luck. NeoGraft is for the individual looking to gain a boost of confidence. NeoGraft is for the man who wants to improve their appearance through a simple, no-nonsense method of hair transplant. Not convinced yet? Check out NeoGraft’s before and afters to see how this simple procedure can bring BIG results.

If you are interested in learning more about our amazing NeoGraft procedure, feel free to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Quereshy

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— About Faisal Quereshy, MD

Dr. Faisal A. Quereshy is the Medical Director of the Visage Surgical Institute, located in Medina, Ohio. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery and serves the medical and dental communities in Medina County, Akron, and the Greater Cleveland areas of North East Ohio. He is in practice with his wife, Dr. Najia Usman, who specializes in endodontic dentistry.