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Does Hair Loss Always Lead to Balding?

Author: Renato Saltz. MD FACS Many of us have experienced hair loss at one point in our lives. In some cases hair loss is temporary, and at times it can be permanent. The good news is that you do not have to settle for thinning or balding hair. There are treatments available to help reverse…

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NeoGraft 2.0 named a “Big Confidence Booster”

NeoGraft 2.0

New hair transplant method a “big confidence booster” (NeoGraft 2.0) via @capecodhealthnews “They have had those grafters doing this for 15 years,” Dr. Jones said. “We numb the patient up, map out where the hair goes.” Drs. Jones and Loffredo did perform the surgery on Mulidore, who is a cousin of Dr. Jones’. Mulidore, 38,…

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