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How Do I Help My Husband with Hair Loss?

Author: Mark Pinsky, MD According to the National Institutes of Health, androgenic alopecia, the most common cause of male pattern baldness (MPB), is estimated to affect 50 million men in the United States. So, it is not surprising that our patients at Pinsky Plastic Surgery often inquire about how they can help their husbands with…

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Solutions for Hair Loss in Men

Author: Christine A. Stiles, MD Hair loss in men is one of the most devastating parts of aging and honestly, it can happen at almost any age.  Approximately 50 million men in the United States are affected by male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia, according to The National Institute of Health (NIH).  Approximately 95% of these…

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What to expect when your hair starts to recede?

Author: Donovan T. Rosas, MD How does a receding hairline start? Hairline recession is a variable, but for most men, an inevitable part of the aging process. Approximately 50 million men suffer from male pattern baldness or thinning hair. A man has a 50 percent chance of experiencing hair loss by his 50th birthday. By…

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How to Make Your Facial Hair Grow

How to make facial hair grow

Though there isn’t any recent, formal data on the popularity of facial hair, it doesn’t take a study to notice that beards seem to be everywhere. Growing them seems to have very little to do with keeping faces warm for the winter, and a whole lot to do with appearance and style. But what about…

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