Physicians Talking About NeoGraft & FUE Hair Transplantation

Dr. Daniel Rousso (Birmingham, Alabama) of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, discusses how hair transplantation has developed with advances in modern technology such as follicular unit extraction.
Johnathan Sykes, M.D. (Sacramento, California) has over 27 years in plastic and reconstructive surgery, yet he has never seen technology as innovative as NeoGraft for both aesthetic and corrective operations in hair loss.
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon, Jill L. Hessler, M.D. (Palo Alto, California) explores her expertise in FUE on her female patients and how female hair loss is just as curable as male hair loss in her practice.
Kevin Duplechain, M.D. (Lafayette, Louisiana) offers a timeline of what patients can expect to see as the results of a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant procedure.
Andrew Jacono, M.D. (Long Island, New York) explains how the NeoGraft FUE procedure has revolutionized hair transplantation into a procedure that can be completed from start to finish in less than one day.
Kevin Duplechain, M.D. (Lafayette, Louisiana) explains why the NeoGraft FUE procedure makes it easier for him to provide quality and happiness to his patients in his own private practice.
Dr. Michael Gold (Nashville, Tennessee) shares why patients should always choose the NeoGraft FUE method over other hair restoration services.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,Grant Stevens M.D. (Los Angeles, California) sits down with The Wellness Hour and explains the NeoGraft FUE process for a live studio audience.

The NeoGraft Procedure

NeoGraft certified physicians will guide you through the transplantation procedure including equipment identification, the FUE method, and transferring from the donor site to the graft site.
This 3D module will guide you through the hair restoration process and compare the traditional strip harvesting method to our FUE (follicular unit extraction).

NeoGraft In The News

NeoGraft FUE Hair Restoration was used on a female patient to help treat her male pattern baldness by a certified Texas NeoGraft physician.
NeoGraft Automated FUE was featured on the Rachel Ray show as the leader in modern hair restoration.
Certified NeoGraft physician, Dr. Leonard, was featured on NBC 10 News Philadelphia, PA as he stops hair loss with the NeoGraft Automated FUE process.
Grant Stevens, M.D. (Los Angeles, California) sits down on the Wellness Hour and introduces NeoGraft Automated FUE to a live studio audience.

NeoGraft Patient Stories

Patients discuss their NeoGraft journey and how the process has helped improve their appearance and overall lives.